Friday, September 28, 2007

I feel like with the wave of optimism (which, for being a desperately cynical human being myself, even I am falling prey to) about the Cowboys I would remind everyone of that picture. Funny story: I actually somewhat humorously injured a ligament in my leg at a party, which up to that point had been a pretty sedate affair, while trying to recreate the Leon Lett shame dance. So in a way, I know how painful it is to be Leon Lett.

This blog was started as a Mavs blog with a touch of music talk or incoherent ranting about city ordinances. But I now feel like there's got to be some Cowboys action too. The last time I remember being this excited about the Cowboys was also a period of time in my life when I wore jhorts (don't bother google image searching that one) and listened to Guns n Roses in gymnastics class.

There's no point in writing about the first three games of the regular season. We won them all. The first one we won by a lot. The second one happened on a field that is also a baseball field which is annoying. The third one caused the entire city of Chicago to turn against Rex Grossman. There, you're caught up.

So in other words, I realized the other day that I can't watch a game and not have a beer. So between this Cowboys season and the upcoming Mavs season, I will probably end up looking eerily like this gentleman:

Except that, like I said, I am a cynic and probably more prone to the thumbs down option when posing for pictures.