Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The laugh that caused two technicals and one ejection. The Spurs game was one of the more life-affirming games of this season. I love the in-state rivalry almost as much as I can't stand Tim Duncan. I would love to sit here and discuss how the official doesn't actually know for sure whether or not a player is mocking their calls or just laughing about a joke that he remembered from a few days ago but I can't because nothing makes me happier than replaying the astonished face of Tim Duncan when he was ejected. The police escorts were like a cherry on top of my techincal sundae.

I can't believe we're already to the last game of the regular season tonight. I'm gearing up for what will probably be a pretty rad playoff season. And nothing does my heart better than, after the commentators spent 70% of their on-air time talking about how San Antonio was THE team to beat and how they are practically kissing the Finals trophy right now, Dallas won. I don't know who the Spurs are offering sexual favors to but seeing them knocked out of the playoffs in the second round will be incredible.


Anonymous said...

You're living in a dreamworld...almost every expert is picking the Mavs. If the Mavs don't win the championship, the season is a huge failure.

Anonymous said...

1st i am a spurs fan and i can understand you being a mavs fan that seeing Timmy getting ejected was exciting for you. As you can understand the smile on my face that hasn't been wiped away by watching the Mavs crumble the last 2 games. I simply LOVE IT!!! this is why the SPURS are the better team and have won 3 championships in the last 10 yrs. the mavs had a wonderful season, but will have nothing to show for it after tonight!!!