Sunday, April 1, 2007

So the Knicks game was another close one. Same final score as the Bucks game. Another game decided in the final minute. If this were earlier in the season, I might be lamenting the fact that teams like the Bucks or Knicks are keeping these games so close down to the wire. But I want 70 victories and I want to get to the playoffs when true hysteria starts. I suppose the fact that these teams are still trying to secure themselves a playoff spot means they are going to have a little more fight in them.

But none of that matters today. During the Knicks game, I was discussing the possibility of Dirk and Steve Nash having an MVP trophy polishing party this summer. I have already discussed my apathy regarding the MVP race but if (as even Mike D'Antoni has said this week) Dirk is truly the most deserving player in the league he has to prove it today. I like the Suns, I think they're a great team and there's not a single player on that team that has done anything but earn my respect. That being said, the Mavs need to wipe the floor with them and then throw them aside in a crumpled ball of defeat today. If the Mavs can pull off a comfortable margin of victory against Phoenix today, I will have no doubts in my mind that they have the ability and drive to take the title this year.

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