Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ummm, Coach Johnson I ummm, think I have...

I can't stop laughing about Dirk's "food poisoning" related no-show last night. Apparently I am not the only one as every time it's been mentioned on tv both last night during the game and this morning on the news, the delivery went something like this: "Dirk Nowitzki not playing due to (insert slight chuckle) food poisoning." Back when I worked at a soul-crushing job as a licensed private investigator, I had quite possibly the largest number of sucessive cases of food poisoning. My well-known love of sashimi lent an air of credibility to my stories but had I actually had that many cases of mysterious one day food poisoning, I doubt I'd have much of my small intestines left. So I totally get the "man, the seafood salad at the buffet was probably not a good idea" excuse. It's a good one.

I'm glad he was out since the slightest breeze causes his ankles to buckle or twist and it allowed the Mavs to prove that they are fully able to win without Dirk's help. And it proved that Josh Howard's spot in the All-Star lineup was deserved as he scored 29 last night. Seeing Devean George slowly return to the fine form he was in before the knee injury does my heart good.

I also find this piece of information in Mike Bibby's Wikipedia entry very amusing:

Nickname: Bibbinator/Bibbalicious

Apparently, Rob Schneider was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule of filming 18 Deuce Bigalow sequels to go to Sacramento and bust out the old Copier Guy character to in order to bestow a few nicknames upon Mike Bibby. Strangely, Wikipedia's entry for Ron Artest says his nickname is Ron Ron which is much more pleasant than my nickname for him. Because who wants to be known as Ron "I beat my girlfriend and starve my dog and start fistfights with fans in the stands" Artest. Also that's a lot harder for any future girlfriends who may be stupid enough to ride the Ron Artest Abuse Train to get tattooed on their nether regions, I suppose.

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