Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I realized something the other night. The Cult is the only band that is played regularly (almost every night) on VH1 Classic's "Metal Mania" and "120 Minutes" video blocks. Well, let me ammend that. "Fire Woman" by The Cult is played on both shows. Every night. Seriously, The Cult actually made other videos so why play "Fire Woman" exclusively? But this particular video has not only reignited my long-dormant love of The Cult it has also started me down the path to forgiving Ian Astbury for pretending to be Jim Morrison in that awful Doors "reunion" tour. That was a really bad idea.

Just like I can tolerate kids who pretend they're dancing at a disco in Berlin right now even though it's just the sewage-scented floor of the Cavern, I ADORE the idea of a kid from Cheshire developing an obsession with Native American culture and growing his hair out like Cher's and wearing black leather fringe outfits and cowboys hats. It's a two way street. Also, I remember watching this video as a very very young girl and feeling the first pangs of "I think I like those kind of boys" and telling my Mom that David Bowie from Labyrinth was no longer my first choice for a future husband. Twenty years later, I can't say I've shaken it. This further proves that in some ways, you can never take all the Garland out of a girl.

Also, Mastadon and my friend Sean may in some small way be responsible for this recent rediscovery and reignited hesher passion.

Did I mention I also found myself thinking "Glen Danzig actually looks kind of good in the 'Mother' video" during a Metal Mania video block this weekend? What the fuck is happening to me?

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