Monday, February 4, 2008

I (And Everyone Else Now Claims to Have) Called It

So everyone in the free world apparently picked the Giants to win. To my knowledge, the only people that I know who, prior to the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, actually were pulling for the Giants the whole game were myself, Del and Aaron. I will be completely honest. I was rooting for them not because they were an underdog or because I always want the NFC team to win. I was rooting for them to win to somehow soften the blow of the Cowboys being knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. And quite honestly, the Giants totally deserved to win against the Cowboys. Everyone knew that the Cowboys were coasting on their record and had started to suck for the three weeks leading up to the Giants game. The Giants were the better team and I totally applaud them for making the Cowboys cry like babies.

But obviously, the real prize in the Giants winning the Super Bowl is seeing Tom Brady falter. Someone who is basically handed the winning genetic lottery ticket at birth deserves to deal with some sort of adversity. I know that he's only 30 and still probably will join Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana in the 4 Super Bowl Wins Club. But for one brief shining moment last night, shit didn't work out just fine for Tom Brady. That makes me happy.

As for who created the Justin Timberlake Super Bowl ad, please stop creating things. Tony Romo must be pretty stoked that his likeness appeared at any point in time during the Super Bowl. Maybe if the whole quarterback thing doesn't work out for him, he can shill for Popeye's or something. Who needs a Super Bowl win when you have so many celebrity friends? Does Eli Manning have Ashlee Simpson on his IM? Didn't think so.

Also, who approved those Sales Genie ads? Apparently this whole anti-immigrant thing is really taking off. Xenophobia is making a comeback!

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jjfury said...

I didn't pick it, but I took the more serious route by praying fervently for a Patriots loss. How could I have known the joy a Giants win could bring, especially without having to see Shockey be part of it?

I'm going to church now.