Thursday, May 1, 2008

Let's Hear it for the Guys Who Just Caused Our Team Another Humiliation!

First off, let me end this Mavs season on a positive note. Well, a positive note about the Hornets. I kind of see this playoff spanking as a blessing for both teams. The Mavs were a starving dog darting in between traffic on 75. Someone needed to just swerve and hit them and put them out of their misery. Even if they had somehow eeked out a win over New Orleans, who wanted to see (and live with the lifelong taunting and shame) of the Mavs being made into makeshift prison sex dolls by the Spurs? It was patently obvious that this season's Mavs and this lineup and this coaching staff was not going to take it all the way. It was like repeatedly trying to put a higher grade of fuel into a Pinto. There needs to be a massive round of layoffs the likes of which only General Motors could rival. There are plenty of people out there who will pontificate on which magic combination of trades and firings will work. I have little opinion. I want to give Dirk one more season to win with Dallas then let the poor guy go to maybe have a chance to not experience a yearly dance of shame and humiliation. I like Terry, Bass and George though wouldn't need grief counseling if any of them left. The rest of the team? Whatevs.

But looking ahead, I have to say that I kind of have a soft spot for the Hornets. They're young (which is weird to see considering the Mavs were comprised of mostly retirees and WWII veterans this year) and they turned around their franchise pretty dramatically in one season. And while I usually find myself picking targets at which to aim great voodoo and hatred towards when the Mavs playoff season starts, I just couldn't find the guy I was going to wish endless diarrhea on. Chris Paul is phenomenal, obviously. Chandler, West, Pargo and (heyyyyyy, check it out I copied and pasted it because unfortunately I can't find the crazy Serbian space language option on my keyboard) Stojaković are all great. I like the idea that they could be the spunky young upstarts who take on the Spurs. And they have handed the Spurs a few good defeats in the regular season. Put it this way: the way the Cowboys slid in the last few games of this past regular season, I wasn't that surprised to see them lose to the Giants in the first round. I was, however, euphoric to see the little team that beat us go on to David-Goliath the evil peeping-in-bedroom-windows-at-night Patriots. So I honestly wish the Hornets the best.

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Zarik said...

Who do you think will be the next Bulls' coach--your ex "god freak" aka avery or pringles aka d'antoni? Also, whats going on with carlisle?? You all need to sign him!

Love your work, the occasional bits of self deprecation are so my style.