Thursday, August 7, 2008

God I Hope This Magic Radio Wizard's Got Some More Elf Comin' My Way

I saw Pineapple Express last night. I hate movies, generally speaking. I don't like feeling trapped in a theater with poorly mannered people for two hours. I don't like feeling like I have to ride out the storm of a movie that I don't like in the dark for two hours. I think most movies made after 1986 have too much CGI, bad writing, explosions, weak plots and bad soundtracks. Which is why I was shocked to find myself using my own t-shirt to wipe away the hot tears of unbridled laughter for almost two solid hours last night. I am not really qualified to do a movie review but to say that for someone who finds 90% of today's movies to be tedious, I left the Pineapple Express plotting when I could see it again. That speaks volumes.

Also speaking volumes to me now is the leap I made, thanks to Chrissy's recommendation, to I peaced out on Launch. I know that's very 1999 "I'm totally un-subbing from this mailing list" of me. But my world has changed. I'm like a crippled kid with new legs. Though there may be an ocean between us, there is a connecting us and our love of Foreigner:

From: Amanda
To: Christina
Subject: i'm naming my firstborn

omg. asia's "heat of the moment"!!!! it's just throwing me gem after gem. don't ever stop, thank you for this gift, chrissy!

On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 10:09 AM, Christina wrote:

Ain't no thang. upon your last remark in the last email, i too typed in 'foreigner'. guess what the second song that came up was (after 'cold as ice')? None other than Asia's 'Voice of America' followed by 'Africa' by Toto.

And i'll be damned if this isn't my fave lyric:
Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
I seek to cure whats deep inside, frightened of this thing that Ive become

(Guilty as charged! That's sooooo me!) is my closest friend throughout my work day. What is your user ID? I can make you my friend and we can bust each other for listening to shitty music. Which is actually a game nobody will play with me as often as I'd like.

From: Amanda
To: Christina
Subject: Re: i'm naming my firstborn

I keep typing in just the name of any random band I can think of which is either a) a prog band that I remember that I like one song (UFO) or some bad synth band that I liked one song when we got a promo at DMG in like '02 (Fischerspooner).

Please, join me won't you? My username is amandavoncobra. Let's touch our radios in musical shame.

By the way, my new fave line from any song is from Loverboy's "Hot Girls in Love"

"She likes her tapes on 10
And it's the same as her anatomy
She's on a rainbow cruise
All the way to my room"

Seriously? God, way to be subtle Loverboy. Subtle as ripaway pants.

Damn. Today doesn't suck.

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Masses Against the Classes said...

UFO is not a prog rock band - they were at one time 'space-rock', but then Michael Schenker joined and they became the 'hard rock' band so beloved by the masses.