Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chad Was Right

About two years ago, I liveblogged a Mavs game in which I had to apologize to Austin Croshere for clowning him so hard when he scored something like 30 points. That kind of came back to bite me in the ass because it was clearly a fluke.

I feel safe in declaring this a non-fluke. Holy hell, JJ Barea is a golden god. Seriously?

I have been a little gun shy about blogging each and every Mavs game like I used to. Well, by "gun shy" I mean that I have been super busy with real work.

But I can't help it. Seeing little JJ Barea zoom past three much larger men for two daring buckets in a row was pretty persuasive. But to follow that up with a gorgeous three made me reach for my laptop. The kid is good.

A year ago, my friend Chad decided that Barea was the guy he wanted to "root for" and proceed to do so, even in the face of some pretty embarrassing Barea sub-ins. Chad even wrote a string of improvised non-gay love songs to Barea. Many of them involved Barea and Chad going out to eat together. In a non-gay way.

15 seconds left in a tied Mavs-Spurs game. HOLY HELL.

Overtime. 107-107 at the end of the 4th quarter. Please finish over .500 this year, little Mavs. Please. This is a good birthday present for me though. Overtime Mavs-Spurs games make me nostalgic.

Barea scores the first Mavs points in overtime.


Dampier feeds Kidd who ties it with a three with 19 seconds left in overtime. I spilled some wine on my dashiki when I jumped up and down in celebration. Yes, I drink wine during Mavs games and more importantly, I wear a dashiki during Mavs games. I got it at Ross Dress for Less. It has psychedelic peacocks on it. It's amazing.

1.1 seconds left with the game tied at the end of overtime.

Dirk misses which gives us overtime #2. 116-116 at the end of the first overtime. Happy dashiki-wearing birthday to me!

Overtime II: Attack of the Killer Overtimes -

Typing in fragments. Kidd somehow steals a steal and puts the Mavs up by 1. Tim Duncan hits a three. Wine stains on my dashiki. Like Phyllis Diller on a bender on Ibiza. Wish I had a whistle.

Barea hits a three that doesn't count because of a Spurs foul.

Spurs leading by 5 with 23.5 seconds left in El Overtime Dos.

Mavs lose. 133-126 in double overtime. Ah well. It was fun regardless.

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Anonymous said...

Tough loss, but nothing a little Vivaldi and a glass of scotch won't fix.