Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowel I.V.

I can't believe this football season is over. Mostly because it's been such a horrible season that I thought for sure they would somehow extend it or make up a new rule that the Cowboys must now replay the Eagles game but only after each Cowboys player has eaten raw and improperly stored shellfish and drank a pot of black coffee each. Surely there's some other kind of humiliation that the NFL has in store for fans of football. Ben 'effing Roethlisberger's giant head won the Super Bowl and now the Steelers are the winningest team in pro football. Do you know what that feels like? Kind of like what I imagine Bruce Springsteen's nether regions felt like after their collision with a camera at halftime last night.

I will miss my footballball friends though. I mean, I know we'll see each other around this summer. But there's something special about drinking blue margaritas and gathering (and perhaps even stealing) firewood. I've got a solid 6 months of no high fiving to look forward to. I mean I *COULD* high five for other things but there's nothing like the "Suck it!" and high five of a blocked field goal or a Cowboys touchdown.

In keeping with the ridiculousness that was this year's football season, yesterday played host to the fourth annual Super Bowel. The carnage of which can be viewed here:

There were ankle sprains and a blackened and slightly bloodied eye. Toby's shirt got ripped too. It was a triumph of apathy over.....something.

Goodbye Football Season 2008-2009. You were a doozy!

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