Friday, February 13, 2009

Why Losing to the Celtics Feels So Good-ish

Ok, maybe not “good” but promising. The fact that last year’s NBA champs only gained their first lead in the game well into the 4th quarter is intriguing. The fact that Barea and Carroll held their own and earned their minutes against the Celtics is highly auspicious. The fact that all of this happened without the assistance of Jason Terry is encouraging. Let’s be honest: who, other than hardcore Dallas Mavs fans, thought that Dallas had much of a shot against the Celtics? And I’m always a big fan of coaches getting ejected from games so last night was like an orgy of basketball treats for me. Except for those last four minutes where Dallas blew a once-15 point lead and lost the game. What makes me nervous? Their inability to hold onto ANY lead. I’m wearing my optimistic Mavs fan hat right now so I’m going to chalk the loss down to fatigue, no Terry and having players who are still trying to get comfortable. That’s right, when it comes to weak excuses, a dedicated Mavs fan is a like an Olive Garden Endless Soup, Salad and Breadsticks of biased and baseless pretext. MFFL.

But that brings me to the Western Conference. Can we leave the Southwestern division yet? Anyone bored and/or fed up with this like I am? Seriously. As of today, the grandmother-raping Spurs are at the top with Houston being #2 and Dallas and New Orleans pretty much locked up in a tie for #3 at four and a half games behind San Antonio. Did I mention that Houston is four games behind San Antonio? So there’s nearly a three way tie for that #2 slot. (I am not mature enough to type the phrase “#2 slot” and not laugh, as I have just discovered.) The only other #2 in their division team in the Western conference who has a better record than Dallas is Portland and it’s by one game. On paper, the Mavs look to be only one step from bottom of their division but the awful Memphis Grizzlies are kind enough to pad that fall. But that’s so misleading. Did I mention that Dallas has a better record than EVERY #2 team in the Eastern Conference? Oh yeah, there’s that too. I’m telling you, this Optimistic Mavs Fan hat (not available in the fan shop) is awesome. It matches everything including but not limited to the rose colored glasses I refuse to take off. Well, I will take them off but I’m probably going to do it David Caruso-style.

And with that, I leave you with an image from my work’s break room today. There’s so much right with this picture of a love-spewing bear made out of cupcakes that I cannot let today end without sharing it. Just remember: I love you and I have your wallet.

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