Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bossin' It Up on Twitter

I don't know if I am using Twitter correctly. But what better time to find out than on the three hour drive to Austin to see Bruce Sprinsteen? So if you've got nothing better to do, follow me. I am Twittering like Lindsay Lohan on a meth binge.


Spamboy said...

You know, it might be easier to follow you on Twitter if you included your Twitter handle in the post. :)

Lenny Shrimpton said...

You should get a Twitter 'ghost writer', like 50 Cent - i'm thinking of getting one too, now that i'm so busy working on 'SnoodleSpace', a kind of 'myspace' for snoodlers.. There will be cam to cam accessability for virtual snoodling! For the first time in history there will be smegma-free snoodling - HOORAY!

Rick Mayhew said...

In reference to the previous comment, i heard about some snoodlers 'learning the hard way' (no pun intended) about a snoodle complication called the 'chinese snoodle trap' which is what can happen during snoodling if one isn't careful - it's like that toy you had when you were a kid, where you put your fingers in the tube and when you try pull them out, it tightens - apparently several snoodlers have been getting stuck together - needless to say this can be very embarrassing for the hapless victims!