Monday, April 20, 2009

Game 2: Woody the Woodpecker Edition

I really can't concentrate on this game. Which seems appropriate since the Mavs can't either. But seriously, this wood block stuff is murdering my soul. On top of just the sheer annoyingness of it, they don't actually hit it at any particular "wood block" worthy moment of the game. Sure, there's the frantic hitting during Mavs free throws. But then there's the three hits in a row followed by a five second pause and then one hit during a time out. I pray this person is the victim of electroshock therapy either currently or sometime in the very near future.

Also the Mavs can't hit the broad side of a barn with a basketball.


Bethany Anderson said...

OMG - I sat there last night, contemplating a road trip to San Antonio where I pay a scalper a lot of money for the privilege of walking into the arena, right up to that guy, AND TAKING HIS FREAKING WOOD BLOCK and shoving it in an orifice. Or just walking away with it again. I waffle on the final out come.

Nestor said...

Shouldn't it be "Game 2: Woody the Peckerwood Edition"?