Monday, April 20, 2009

One Down…(x) to Go….

Yes, Saturday night was un-fucking-awesome-believable. But it was Game 1. Yes, Saturday night was beating the Spurs on their home court. But it was Game 1. Yes, Saturday night showed that even when Mason is hitting threes from the parking lot, the Mavs can maintain a 10 point lead. But it was Game 1.

See what this is? This is called “cautious optimism” folks. And I’ve got lots more of it where this came from. Therefore, I am re-christening tonight’s Game 2 as “Game 1” because I don’t even want to get too excited until I basically see two Game 1-esque results. I threatened to flip a car Saturday night. If the Mavs win again tonight, I will start doing stretches and find my car flippin’ gloves.

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