Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson died an hour or two ago. Let me get this part out of the way...

It's sad when ANYONE dies. And especially for the family and friends they leave behind. And he was suspiciously young to go out on a cardiac arrest. And I really do hope that all his superfans are gonna be ok.

Now, for the rest....

I have never liked Michael Jackson's music. Even when I was a kid and he was mega popular. Then came all the allegations and charges, of which he was found not guilty. I thought he was a severely developmentally stunted boy-man who clearly was not too mentally sound. But I'm not here to talk smack about a man who has just died.

I am here to say that I find it ironic, hypocritical and almost insulting that MTV is wall-to-wall Michael Jackson videos right now. Even as a non-fan, I will admit that they might owe their very existence and success to him and his early videos. However, MTV hasn't cared about music in at least a decade. In fact, I'm pretty sure that MTV joined Leno and Letterman and all the other media that were so happy to report all of his troubles and failures. So now MTV has time-warped back to 1985 like they're not the network that has forsaken music videos for The Hills and Paris Hilton's BFF?

I like seeing videos on MTV. I do wish they were videos by an artist I dug but it makes me nostalgic for my childhood. I guess it just bothers me that the guy was the butt of a million jokes for the past decade and a half and the moment he dies, the same media that clowned him so hard are getting ready to carve his likeness on the moon with a laser beam.

Rest in peace, Michael. I wasn't a fan of yours and hearing your music exclusively for more than an hour has already driven me to the land of Tivo but you were a troubled soul and I appreciate that. For everyone else, please don't make me listen to "Don't Stop" on an endless loop for the next week.

PS - My friend Adam in London just made a really good point. "We got at least 2 weeks of this. The Iranian leaders are gonna be able to do whatever they want now!!!" I guess Neda and a potential revolution in a volatile Islamic country tired of tyranny and oppression by religious zealots just isn't as sexy as "Dirty Diana".


Anonymous said...

Very offensive post. How would you like it if the day you died someone blogged about how creepy you were for liking the Cowboys?

amandacobra said...

First off, I don't know how I would "feel" about it because I would be dead and most likely not checking blogs.

Secondly, I said multiple times that his death is tragic and unexpected and sad.

Thirdly, I don't agree with the retards who have taken this event as an opportunity to make molestation jokes.

And finally, my love for the Cowboys probably IS creepy considering how disappointing they've been in the past few year/decade.

Honestly, most people I know are big MJ fans and I feel bad that they have lost someone whose work they truly admired. His lifestyle choices were odd to me but I am not judging him based upon that. I am, if anything, saying that I always felt bad for him as a person because he obviously had such a dysfunctional and difficult childhood. I just don't happen to care much for his music and his records never held any big place in my life. And I find it kind of insulting that the same people who were first to use his cosmetic surgery or his fondness of hanging around children as a cheap, go-to punchline are now mourning his loss like they were in his corner the whole time.

Lamar said...

Get a clue people - if you 'didnt do it', you dont settle out of court. So simple.

Michael Jackson IS creepy, no debate.

By the way, ANONYMOUS - your comparison is WEAK. The Cowboys aren't known for being child molesters, so you HAVE NO POINT, DUMBASS!