Monday, July 13, 2009

Viva la Corruption!

Dude, get me the eff out of this country. I am in Mexico and I would like to not be in Mexico anymore. Here's the deal. We got to the airport three hours early for our flight due to reasons beyond our control. We got to the check in desk and they said my mom needed some special card (no explanation why) and that she would have to go to ONE CERTAIN bank downtown to pay a cashier and get a receipt to bring back to the airport to get the card to go through immigration and make our flight which is chronologically impossible. Homedude Immigration guy was cute(ish) so I asked to talk to him in a private office then got all girly (am wearing low cut halter dress because my entire body is one big sunburn) and doing the puppy eyes thing friends make fun of me for doing and asked him if he could pretty please help us out with two twenty dollar bills in my hand. He (and I am not even joking) patted my head and said "for you, I go to the bank later today to take care of it. Give me the money and I will give you the card she needs" and then fucking put his hand on my shoulder. Whatever, it worked and we're at the gate now waiting to find out what new creative ways Mexico has in mind for fucking with us. My poor mom was sobbing outside immigration but the good news is that I am now the most badass, officials-bribing daughter of all time. One particularly debauched St. Patrick's Day with my friend Chrissy ended with me screaming I was a "good daughter!!!!!!" Prophecy fufilled. I know it's 105 at home right now but I am covered in heat rash and sunburn and I haven't brushed my hair in two days. Seriously, get me the eff out of here.


leecifer said...

you should have just told them you spent all your money buying their coke. they would have thanked you, and let you through.

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diahh said...

Heh, i used to live in Mexico and had to have my id card with me at all times. It was just a note card with my number typed on it and a small picture of me stapled to it.

Michael Thomas said...

My wife and I were attacked on our honeymoon in Mexico- they called me "gringo" and cornered and then spat at my wife repeatedly. They didnt rob us, etc. It was traumatic for both of us. I will never again assume that it is they who are somehow oppressed and we (caucasians) are to blame or should feel guilty about the actions of some racists who happen to be white. I've never "oppressed" anyone!
This ugliness is present in every culture, just strangely and hypocritically a 'hot topic' only in ours.
Im glad you made it out of that horrible place without anything worse happening to you or your Mother!

Grandpa Walton said...

Instead of taking a naughty bunch of ay-ar-fifteeny-poos on a field trip to Mexico, Amanda--and with your dear Mother, no less!--why not just settle down and cultivate one of the wholesome hobbies our generation used to enjoy, like going to the Moon?

Goodnight, Amanda

Grandpa Walton said...

Amanda, I never know whether I have committed what is to your eyes a comment faux pas, or whether my comment containing a link has simply become entrapped in your spam filter and you are at a loss how to free it.

Goodnight, Amanda