Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Devean George for President of Everything Ever

For about two weeks, I have gotten chills when I see Devean George look like he's going to try for a three. Most of the time I see Dirk, Jet or Josh Howard go for a three I sort of freeze up and hope for the best. But when Devean George shoots one, I just relax because the chances are pretty good that it's going in.

Not a great start for the Mavs. Tracy McGrady scored 20 in the first quarter. It was so bad that when they went to commercial at the end of the first quarter and then came back, Houston had mysteriously scored a point during the commerical while Tracy McGrady was laying down on the bench and the second quarter hadn't even started yet. Ok, it was actually a score correction for a McGrady three pointer erroneously scored as a two.

It was not the McGrady-Nowitzki shootout of 2004 though Tracy McGrady did once again feel the sting of scoring more than 40 points in a game and still losing. Dirk didn't outshoot him this time BUT Van Gundy did wave the white flag with two minutes left in the last quarter. Which lead to the (during this game, at least) much-maligned "not very deep" Rockets bench coming out. Cue McGrady's man-on-man action, which probably was related to his back spasams since he was taken to the locker room before the buzzer but in my mind was his own unique and "sexy" way to deal with shooting so many points and still losing. Just let me think that.

The past 6 Mavs games have been ridiculous. And note I said "ridiculous" not "re-Dirk-culous" because my tolerance of athlete's names/common English words mash-up phrases has hit an all time low due to the retardedness of phrases like "NoWITNESS" and "RoMomentum." Stop using them. Stop putting them on signs. They're not very clever. In fact, they're pretty TERRY-ble.* I think we should have won the game against the Lakers two weeks ago but I'm marking that one down to Theater Lighting (how L.A.!) and Jack Nicholson sitting directly behind Avery. We'll get 'em Thursday. With normal indoor sports lighting, no less!

*Honorable mention: "Shop 'til you DIOP!"


Sam Machkovech said...

Gonna have to disagree with your George ease. For every game in which he hits a bunch of monster threes, the man stinks up at least two other games with miss after miss. His good performances are certainly clutch, but that inconsistency is gonna haunt us in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely doubt that George's contributions will polarize any work in the playoffs. You forget we also have Buckner, Johnson, and hell, even Croshere, who can land them too. They're not there to play JET's game. They're the real definition, most of them, of G-Fs...And the bizarre, yet rarely seen phenomenon of Barea, who sunk some three-pointers when Avery Johnson had him and Mo Ager playing (before that 2 week or whatever d league stint) last year. And Devean George IS right where he needs to be defensively....and we don't need to rely solely on three pointers..that's where any team gets into trouble anyway.

When you have people like Howard swatting the ball away more at center than Diop, you know each one of these guys is playing versatile and doing what they need to do when. The guy we need to worry about is Diop. He needs to step it up fast- and consistently.

Avery Johnson plays these guys when and if he needs them and the rotation and reserve is way stronger than any NBA team right now, which is why they're on top in NBA standings. Sometimes Dallas slides in close, but the job is getting done...Bodes really well for the last games, I think.

amandacobra said...

I do fear for Diop's future since Avery did not play him in Toronto and has been outspoken about his disappointment in his playing. Then in the Rockets game, Diop goes in and immediately gets a monster offensive rebound. Good job. Then thirty seconds later, he commits a totally unnecessary foul on Houston at the other end.

I wasn't saying that Devean George will be the savior of the team. Part of the reason why this is (in my opinion) the best team we've had in ummmmm, ever is that we almost have two starting lineups worth of quality players. Although I am nowhere near being on board the Austin Croshere train. He's kind of the new, old Keith Van Horn. I can only remember two or three shots he's actually made in the past ten or so games. We traded Marquis Daniels and DA for him? Whatever, it's not like those were two huge players for us but still. Croshere makes me sad when he touches the ball.

Anonymous said...

Dude...Marquis may have been photogenic, but he has really deteriorated....he has yet to see much playing time in Indiana....There is a reason why coaches don't play him that much. Darrell Armstrong, on the other hand, is doing relatively well with the Pacers, but despite being Dallas' professional pep talker last season, he didn't really perform for us before he was traded...come on. The Mavericks have a team chemistry right now that can't be argued.

Austin Croshere...hell, he knocks your boy Keith out of the park...That dude was the definition of inconsistent. At least Austin Croshere has a good attitude. Keith Van Horn was too busy with his head under a rock looking for the first edition of the Book of Mormon to be bothered.

amandacobra said...

While I will stick with my prior statement about Austin Croshere's streaky-at-absolute-best shooting this season, I will hand it to you that he does distinguish himself from KVH by not being a Mormon with weak ankles.

At least there was never an article written about Austin Croshere called "Simple is as simple does" that includes the following quote:

"His voice is that of a boy turned rapidly into a man, simultaneously soft and deep in the manner of an acoustic bass. He enjoys the music of tranquil crooners Toni Braxton and Baby Face."

Anonymous said...

Wow..that's all I have to say..wow

Sam Machkovech said...

I'm sick of Dallas always having to have their requisite spare white boy. All of my buddies and I hoped Croshere would break the Bradley Curse, but alas. Even if he SOMEHOW got his shot down, he'd never fit into Avery's system.

Poop Patch said...