Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Keith Van Horn: Another Kidnapping Victim?

What happened to Keith Van Horn? D-League? Towel washer? Sub-saharan expansion team? Please someone find him and let him know I always thought he was the coolest Mormon, Babyface-loving guy to ever play in the NBA. Ok, thanks.

Ummm, other than that I guess the only thing I can say is:

Welcome to one of the more techincally inept and statistically challenged blogs loosely concerning the Dallas Mavericks.

Mission statement aside, a little more information. I like the Mavericks. I didn't like them in the early 1980's because I was more focused on learning my ABCs and walking upright. However, I will gladly produce for anyone who has doubts about the length of my fandom a scan of a picture of me circa 1992. My outfit: Long denim "jorts", faux Birkenstock sandals, John Lennon holographic-peace-sign-on-the-lenses-sunglasses and a XL Dallas Mavericks "Young Guns" t-shirt (tucked in but bloused within an inch of its' life). That's how much I care about what you think of my dedication. But seriously, please don't get all "you only started liking them in the 'augts" around here. Now, in case you were wondering, the following are the reasons I started this blog:

1. I already watch every Mavs game.
2. I never turn my laptop off.
3. I liked reading about and commenting on Mavs games on We Shot JR.
4. I liked the fact that the some of the more delicate indie kids got their panties in a knot when people started talking about sports on We Shot JR.
5. More people need to talk about how goofy Manu Ginobli acts sometimes.

Also, on days when there are no games and there's no Roy Tarpley-esque shenanigans to report I will probably end up talking about some band or some album or some dumb shit I saw some kid wearing the other day. Fun!


Blackeyed Donkey said...

Your a Mavs Fan? We need to talk about Thursday. I can't take another loss to my home team Lakers. I can't!!!

amandacobra said...

I'm feeling pretty good about the Mavs chances tomorrow. The fact that we were able to hold Kobe back to a reasonable amount of points is pretty impressive. We had the game in our grimy little grips until Vujacic decided to be a hero. But if you look at his stats, that game was almost certainly a fluke. I mean, I would be stoked if, by a total stroke of luck, I ended up scoring a career high number of points and hitting three 3-point shots in the fourth quarter and beat the #1 team in the league.

That aside, it was still a fluke.