Thursday, January 25, 2007

House of Deng

Wow, no matter how many times you are reminded that your team is admirable because they are shooting at an embarassing 26% but still staying within 10 points of their opponent it still sucks. By the end of the games, the Mavs managed to set a new season record. That record being the lowest field goal percentage (31%) so far this season beating the 38% we shot vs. Utah on December 11. It should come as no suprise to anyone that knows me that I am not exactly a star athlete myself but in no way can I imagine how multi-million dollar, seasoned players can just miss *THAT* many shots. Like bad. The Bulls are streaky so this wasn't a total suprise. The Mavs shooting like blind kids was a much bigger shock.

Also, a list of phrases I said aloud more than once during the game:

"Wait, why is Rob Corddry coaching the Bulls? When did that happen?"

"Really? The Bulls play Information Society during 20 second time outs? Wow, it's like Club MTV and Downtown Julie Brown and The Grind are all there watching the game!"

"Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki are both missing from the All-Star West starting line-up? Fuck it, everyone's lost their minds. I'm gonna go listen to Information Society!"

I actually did say that about a minute before the final buzzer. Never will you ever hear me mention the NBA All-Star line-up and Information Society in the same breath ever ever ever again.

PS -

Jason Garrett for Offensive Coordinator = kinda awesome
Joe Avezzano at 5pm in a tent behind Granada getting tanked = always awesome-r

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Anonymous said...

i'm kinda half-saying that i half-expected this loss...i've been watching the bulls a bit on WGN, and they've looked really good. they handily beat the spurs last week, and lost to the suns by a point earlier this month. besides, the pressure to win in chicago is totally off right now with da' BEARsss in super bowl.