Saturday, January 27, 2007

That was close

Let me just say that I have always thought that Mike Bibby has the worst tattoos in professional sports. I know this is a highly-contested title. Jeremy Shockey from the NY Giants being the current NFL title holder in my opinion. But seriously, Mike Bibby's tattoos are obnoxious. Seriously, y'all.

I am starting to feel less uneasy about Diop. Not comfortable, mind you. Just less uncomfortable. And I stand by my previous statements about Devean George maybe except for the whole "his three point shot is a foregone conclusion." The good news is that everyone at AAC got a free taco tonight, Dirk got his seventh straight double-double and most importantly Mike Bibby got one step closer to having a longer tattoo-filled offseason.


Anonymous said...

Deavean George looks like a thniner version of Biz Markie.

amandacobra said...

YES! That's rad.

Did anyone see when they did the Mavs starting line up thing ("IT'S A PUT ON!") before the Lakers game here two weeks ago? It was the first time Devean George started (Devin Harris had the flu). Terry did his plane things and then George did what I pray is his signature move, "the bulldog" complete with barking and paw moves and everything.

amandacobra said...

holy shit. as for and you shall receive. devean george is in the starting lineup against the sonics. happy baby day to josh howard. more importantly, there's only ten minutes standing between me and my wish to see devean george do his bulldog dance. fuck. yeah.