Friday, January 19, 2007

When Stackhouse sings, everyone wins!

Well, I would *LOVE* to blog about the game but frankly we dominated so hard from the middle of the first quarter onwards that it would seem like a big old case of being a bad sport if I did actually talk about the rest of the game.

Devean George sucked on those first two three pointers but did get one of the sweetest (along with Josh Howard) dunks of the game so who can complain?

It's bad business for this blog when we win by 20+ points but at least that means I can rest up and think about how awesome that Suns v Mavs playoff stuff is going to be. Boris Diaw, I have a heckle all ready for you. Remeber, I took French for three years.


Sam Machkovech said...

What're you talking about? Good games are rich with stuff to talk about.

POINT: In the TNT postgame show, Charles effin' Barkley actually called for Dirk to be named league MVP. SERIOUSLY.

POINT: Minutes later, TNT showed a clip of Barkley getting nailed in the nuts by Shawn Bradley. It explains so much of the man's ceaseless Bradley dissing/hatred for all of these years...

POINT: Howard reigned supreme.

POINT: Kobe getting booed for taking a mega-dunk in the wake of the Lakers' ass-whooping is one of my favorite moments of the Mavs' 06-07 season by far.

POINT: ...did you know there's a Steak 'n Shake open at 75 & Southwestern? Just down the street from the Chick-Fil-A. Let's go get a shake, Amanda. Maybe they'll make a blue-and-silver one in honor of tonight's awesomeness.

Anonymous said...


Was that a come on?

I'll have to add that one too my sweet.

amandacobra said...

Actually, the best part of the game was Charles Barkley. Dirk for MVP? Even I have been a bit reticent to champion that. I always thought that Barkley was sore because he offered Dirk tons of money to go play for Auburn but Dirk turned it down and went straight to the draft.

And there were some wacky dunking antics on both sides. It was an entertaining game but I never would have guessed it would have been such a cake walk.

In other news, what the hell is this movie on Comedy Central at 7am? Anthony Michael Hall, Uma Thurman and a plane with scales glued on the top and "Horny Toad" painted on the side. Is this really a movie? Apparently so.