Friday, January 19, 2007

Michael Vick and I have something in common

And it's not what you think.

Michael Vick Loves the (Water) Bottle

So a pro athlete got caught with weed? Yawn. That was certainly not what jumped out at me. Now, as some of you know I am a Super 8 VIP and I have the card to prove it. The only other sort of reward program card that a company was foolish enough to give me is an AirTran frequent flyer club card. American Airlines told me (with slightly more professional verbiage than I am about to use) to go fuck myself when I applied for an AA Rewards card. But not AirTran. Little know fact: there used to be something called X-Fares on AirTran where if you were 23 or younger and it was any day other than a Friday or Sunday, you could walk up and fly standby anywhere they went for $60 each way. I once ended up stranded in Houston (on a flight that was meant to land in Dallas) on an overheated plane where passengers resorted to auctioning off an uneaten half of a bagel to the highest and hungriest bidder. Thanks AirTran!

Well now I don't feel so bad about being turned down for that AA Rewards card. If AirTran is good enough for a three-time Pro Bowl quarterback, it's good enough for me. Who needs box lunches or free headphones or arriving in the correct destination city?

Also, how funny is it that the first time the new coach met his star quarterback it's immediately after said quarterback's arrest for possesion? Awkward.

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