Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Devean George Needs New Knee

Probably not. He probably just banged it up and will be fine. After the snoozefest of the Philly game (and yes, I do consider blowing a 25 point lead but still easily winning to be a bore) I needed a zany game like this. Mavs never lead in the game except for the last 50 seconds of the fourth. Collectively, the Mavs are the kids who don't even pick the topic for their final essay until about 11pm the night before it's due. Then just cite a bunch of bullshit from the internet and still get a B+.

Devean George did seem to be the spark that got the Mavs back into the game to win. But the best part of the game by far was the following:

Bucks get called for a backcourt violation.
One minute later, Mavs commit the exact same violation but go uncalled.
Crowd gets very mad.
Microphones are exceptionally sensitive tonight.
Said microphones pick up the Bucks coach very loudly and clearly saying "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK, IT'S BULLSHIT!"

Bob and Mark giggle like kids who just found a bad word in the dictionary. So rad.

Why is Dirk getting technicals lately? He got one in the Houston game and nearly got himself kicked out in the last two minutes of the fourth tonight. I always think guys with shaved heads look like testy assholes and he's only proving my theory. Mellow out, grow the hair back, take a fucking chill pill and score 40 in a game sometime soon so Dwyane Wade has to eat his words.

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