Monday, February 26, 2007

Josh Howard's ankle better heal quickly because I have a feeling tomorrow night's Minnesota game will be a tight one. I'm more than a little nervous.

But how about that crazy basket Stackhouse made right before the buzzer at the end of the third? Croshere has certainly gotten better defensively but he has to stop taking long shots because he just hasn't got whatever he had that one night he scored a bunch of points. Since Allison has requested specifically that I touch on the trade of Anthony Johnson, touch I will. I don't really know why the Mavs did it since he was one of my favorite deep bench players. And what I really can't figure out is who JJ Barea's doing sexual favors for to keep getting put in games. Seriously, Barea is stinking up the joint every time he goes in. Diop, Croshere and Buckner have all been criticized for not working hard enough to sharpen their game yet Barea gets sent to the D League and comes back with no noticeable improvement and no one calls him on it? Did Atlanta not want JJ?

Also, Pops may be my favorite Mav. Jury is still out.

In other news, I think that FSN just suggested that Tony Romo's fumbled field goal snap was more "blunder-y" than the ball going between Bill Buckner's legs. Dude, you gotta at least wait a year to claim some shit like that. Don't get all Buffalo '66 on me, FSN.

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