Sunday, February 25, 2007

So close Dirk. So so close. But we won and we've got another hot little streak going on. Devean George is coming back in a week or so. I would love to write about the game but I'm still pretty stoked about the fact that I found myself talking Mavs with Donnie Nelson last night.

Per Donnie:

- His dad is super happy at Golden State and the rift was a "generational thing"

- Mark Cuban is a genius because "he's one of those 60's guys who doesn't like the establishment but secretly everyone knows that Stern loves him and respects him."

- The MAAniacs are more popular and their tryouts are more competitive than the cheerleader tryouts. And it all started because some fireman wrote Cuban to pitch the idea of a fat guy in a half shirt dancing to show his team spirit.

- He says that he was distraught last year because "we had our arms around that thing, we had the trophy in our hands and I don't know what happened"

Also, Donnie uses the word "Beantown" exclusively in lieu of saying Boston. And somehow managed to say "Beantown" a whole lot throughout normal conversation. I didn't tell him about my blog because I think the last thing he wants to hear is some nerd telling him to check out their blog. I have met lots of people. I had to find an out one time when Kevin Shields wouldn't stop talking about good places to get curry in the United States. Paul McCartney and I chatted on a sidewalk in London for five minutes once. But for some reason, I got really meek and starstruck when Donnie Nelson started telling stories about his dad and Avery. General Managers are the new rock stars.


Big D said...

I wish I could've been a part of this.

Allison said...

I hope you will be addressing how lame it is that we traded Anthony Johnson after you watch the Mavs play him tonight. Sad.