Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leaders of Men

Lessons I learned last night:

1. Blogging from a T-Mobile Dash is nearly impossible.
2. The Mavs can beat the Rockets by 30 points without exerting an undue amount of effort.
3. I can watch Josh Howard dunk for days.
4. The universe will ulitmately balance injustice out by doing things like naming Josh Howard to the All-Star team as an injury replacement.
5. Dwyane Wade can be kind of a dick.

Here's what Wade recently said regarding Dirk's leadership skills:

"Dirk said that they gave us the championship last year," Wade said Thursday. "But he's the reason they lost the championship because he wasn't the leader he's supposed to be in the closing moments."

I am a fan of rivalries. Just see how twitchy I get in the two hours leading up to tip-off before a Spurs-Mavs game. And I like trash-talking to some extent. While I don't respect it, I don't mind a bit of "your defense sucks" or "Shaquille O'Neal couldn't hit a free throw if his fellow Dade County deputies held a gun to his head" or whatever. What I don't like is when it just gets to be one guy being a douchebag to another guy about things that aren't really to do with the game. Like if Dirk said something like "hey Dwyane Wade, your name is kind of retarded". Or "even worse is the fact that you are such an egomanical head case that you named your daughter Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade." Now, I can't imagine Dirk saying anything like that. Because it's a personal attack and it has nothing to do with his game. Wade's a great player so why even waste time talking shit about Dirk? You won the trophy, dude. Go film another cell phone commerical and bask in the glory. I would.

The good news is that the Western Conference playoffs will be a great show. And if everything goes the way I'm thinking it will, Dallas and Phoenix will play a seven game fight to the death in which at no point in time will the team leaders for each respective team talk shit about each other like kids trying out new "yo mama" jokes.

Everyone come see the Theater Fire in Denton tonight. If you don't, I seriously question your leadership skills. But in a respectful way.

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