Thursday, February 8, 2007


In case you haven't heard, former Mavs/Apple Orthodontics superstar Marquis Daniels and two other Pacers teammates are under investigation in connection with a fight that happened at a nightclub. The nightclub manager ended up with a broken jaw and severed earlobe. Read the whole article here:

I have no idea if Daniels or his teammates were actually involved in the incident. But that's not really what I'm concerned about. The players were at the 8Seconds Saloon to celebrate the Colts Super Bowl win. Fine. Now go google 8Seconds Saloon.

Leon Russell...Feb. 9th
Leon Russell is coming to 8Seconds Saloon on Friday February 9th , 2007. Doors Open at 7pm. The MECHANICAL BULL will be present during the concert.

Why would anyone want to hang out at what appears to be a relatively low-end shitkicker bar? And I live in Texas so I can totally say that. Nothing against Leon Russell (seriously) or mechanical bulls but is there not some slightly classier joint in Indianapolis? Wait, so you're telling me that at a nightclub whose upcoming events calendar features "March 2nd - 911 Slugfest" there was a brawl? Get out! Apparently this club is half UFC cage match and half bar. How do you pitch that to the insurance company? There may be a joke somewhere in this whole thing: Three Indiana Pacers walk into a Fight Club Nightclub....

Now I get why Austin Croshere always looks sad.


Anonymous said...

I bet Mr Von Horn wouldn't stand for that.

Allison said...

Leon Russell is God. Literally the coolest human being on earth...

If you had a blog about Leon Russell, that would be really cool.

I would go see him play anywhere, even at T.G.I. Friday's...wait...that would be awesome because then I would be able to eat cheese sticks while I listened to him.