Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Alright folks we have another record. The Mavericks have now tied the all-time NBA season record for most games won in a 45-game stretch with 41 victories heading into their first 6 straight road games trip since 2000.

Last night's game was funny to me if you think of it in comparasion to the Golden State game last week. The Knicks are dwelling in the bottom of the playoff-contenders rung in the Eastern Conference yet I can't say they had much of an answer for the any of the Mavs calls. Yet Golden State, who also reside in the bottom of the playoff gang in the Western Conference, owned the Mavs last week. You can say "Well, the Mavs really have a hard time against Golden State. And Don Nelson knows the Mavs too well." But it really proves to me that the West is really just a much tougher conference.

All that being said, I actually like Stephon Marbury. As insignificant as it is in the long run, the idea that an NBA player would actually endorse a shoe for kids who can't afford Jordans or whatever is pretty rad in my book. And though I've never been a sneaker kind of gal, the shoes are pretty sweet too. The fact that he isn't paid to endorse them and only takes a cut of sales is good too. And the fact that he gave a free pair to every high school varsity player in NYC. Basically, he's not Jason "I beat up my wife" Kidd or Ron "I abuse my dogs" Artest.

Devean George and Greg Buckner are game-time decisions for Friday's game in Boston. I've missed them. As long as Buckner NEVER wears that mask again. And party/bonus, Cleveland lost in overtime to Charlotte.

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