Friday, March 2, 2007

Game? What game? Where's my truck?

I gotta level with you. I watched the game last night. We won by 3 which was too close of a margin for me. I remember LeBron's two desperate last minute attempts at a three pointer with like 8 seconds left. I know they were not sucessful. I remember that crazy dunk he had in the first half.

Then I went to the Roky Erikson tribute at Doublewide. Then I woke up in my bed thanks to the kindness of the Strange Boys. And now I look look and feel like Roky. Actually, I'm pretty sure Roky is feeling a little less damaged than me today.

Victory hurts. Not as bad as that Livingston knee injury but bad enough for me to have started out today laying on the kitchen floor because it was marble and cool.

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