Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhh mater! Want Jet to always score 30!

You know how in Peanuts cartoons when any character got too excited or mad or frustrated they went "%*&$//"!!!

$%&%^#@#%;owefnq"#@req@(#u@ y^&@(*#$ *^y#$%q@(

That was in-fucking-sane! I can't hate Dwight Howard too much because I thought the sticker thing at the All-Star game was pretty rad. And any game that includes Austin Croshere getting a dunk, Jason Terry scoring 29 points and Dirk hitting 2 threes (or was it 3 threes?) in a row in the last two minutes to pull the Mavs out of their slump is a good game in my book. At 7 pm tonight I was thinking to myself "Who really wants to see the Mavs vs. Magic? I'm here near downtown so maybe I should cruise over to AAC and see if there's any cheap tickets left? Naaaaaah, I just bought some sun-dried tomato hummus and a clay face mask so I'll just go watch it at home since it will probably be a snoozer anyways."

Mark F. just pointed out that "some people" have said that the season is getting boring because the Mavs just keep winning. To that I say: "some people" also have sex with horses. I like winning. I never get bored of my team being better than every other team in the league. I have never gotten bored seeing which zany new franchise or league record another victory will shatter.

It brings to mind a bit of commentary from the Cavs game on Thursday. One TNT commentator (I haven't really bothered to learn their names since I have only within the last year quit referring to the guys back in the studio as "Charles Barkley and those other guys") said:

"Well, here's the Mavs record month by month this season and as you see they did not lose a game in February. I really don't think they're gonna improve as far as their record on a monthly basis going into March."

I totally agree.

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