Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ok, I guess I shouldn't get so cocky about these things. God, the Mavericks just couldn't get anything going. Or as Bob Ortegel said, "It's like the Warriors have magnets in their hands that just draw the ball towards them."

How many turnovers did the Mavs commit? My abacus is in the shop and I lost count when Golden State had eaten up 20 points on turnovers. Even Pops was playing like a JV towel boy. And Dirk getting a technical from the bench was, while technically amusing (har har), not a good sign. Devean George is out again. Fuck.

At least we go into the Phoenix game tied with them for winning streaks. And if one more person mentions how "If you watch no other Mavs game this year, you have to see Wednesday's game against the Suns" I may call in a suspicious package at the AAC.

Did anyone notice that Don Nelson looked sober-ish? I'm going to just assume that yesterday was "Opposites Day" and put my liver in a jar next to my bed tonight to save it from itself for the next 5 days.

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Allison said...

I love Bob Ortegel and his sidekick's little "life lessons" they impart to their viewers....

Seriously the banter between those two and their ingratiating commentary about the players is enough to make ya puke sometimes.

If I hear "three the hard way" come out of Mark Followill one more time....

At least Ortegel has history, but Followill is god awful.