Tuesday, March 6, 2007

So my first Mavs game I ever attended was in Jason Kidd's rookie year. I remember that Sassy magazine had declared Jason Kidd the "New Sports Hottie" so when our youth group went to the Mavs game, most of my time was spent giggling about how cute Jason Kidd was. Which is odd because a mere 14 years later, I find myself wondering how I ever found him to be anything other than an unattractive jackass. Oh 1990's, you were such a wacky time!

Let's work backwards....

Devin Harris is running down the clock to what will obviously be a 10 point Mavs win and shoots a haphazard three pointer which actually goes in.

I was actually most impressed with the Mavs ability to block shots tonight.

I feel like pointing out that when the Mavs are in a tight situation or even three minutes from victory with the other team trying their hardest they can always just toss the ball to Dirk for something good to happen. To be honest, there's a lot about sportscasting terminology that I don't actually know how to effectively and accurately use so I can't really say anything about "clutch playing" until I take a class or something. I just heard the free throw line called the "pity stripe" the other day and laughed like a baby seeing Peek-a-Boo for the first time.

Every time I watch the post-game show and hear what new record the Mavs have set, I immediately compile my own personal montage. Usually it's from a not-yet-filmed straight-to-video 'tween movie starring Jay Thomas called something like Ball Hoggs wherein the Scranton Hoggs youth basketball team comprised of various scrappy social outcasts has some sort of special chemistry and suprises all the naysayers by coming from being last in the league to the championship finals. With the help of their coach's no-nonsense approach to teamwork and competition, though he is actually coaching the team as part of his community service for his multiple alcohol-related foibles, the Hoggs end up taking home either taking home the trophy or learning the keys to confidence and self-esteem. And I *think* Will Smith's son is the point guard for the team. Is that already a movie? Or is it just an mishmash of every sports movie?

Timberwolves beat the Lakers in double overtime! Jay Thomas! Remember when his character on Cheers was killed off in a Zamboni accident? I do.


Stephanie said...

If I went to this game, I would have made a sign that said one of three things: New Jersey Nets: You must be KIDDING; or Nets: Go home, this aint no KIDD'S game; or finally, These Mavs are for real. We aint KIDDING around. Just another reason we need to go to a game together. I got mad sign skills, yo.

amandacobra said...


Played Out:

Keep AUSTIN Weird (seriously, Lurch wants his head back)

Don't Drown in Lake BUCKNER!

That's sexual HARRIS-ment!

You know I work in Victory Park and have lots of access to free markers and cardboard. It's gonna happen one day and it's probably gonna be soon-ish.

stonedranger said...

The Movie idea? Rules.