Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That's nice. Only 9 other times in NBA history since 1954 has a team swept a 6 game road trip. There's got to be someone keeping track of which records the Mavs have broken night by night.

I like it when the Mavs margin of victory is larger than the number of years I have been alive. Is it weird that the most thrilling moment of the whole game was the ally oop dunk Croshere pulled off early in the 4th quarter? I know part of the impetus for me starting this blog was to mourn the loss of Keith Van Horn and for a while I thought Van Horn's skill-less spirit would live on in the form of Austin Croshere. But he's really improving and growing on me.

Devean George is still rusty but it's so good to see him back in there. It's also weird to see Ager on the scoreboard.

I can't promise anything but I *MAY* be at tomorrow night's game against the Timberwolves. So if you've kept up with any of my sign ideas I've discussed here on my blog you will know which signs to look for on TV tomorrow night. Keep Austin Weird has not ceased being hilarious to me.

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