Sunday, March 25, 2007

That's right, 27 days left until the playoffs start. 17 games left for the Mavs. And they are two victories away from tying the franchise season record for wins.

All that said, there was no excuse for the slip-up in the middle of the 4th against Atlanta. The Mavs lead should have never gotten below 15 much less tied. They dominated the whole game and the Hawks are the lowest scoring offense in the NBA. I guess they can afford to phone a few in and as long as they're ready for April 1 against Phoenix. The good news there is that as I type this, Sacramento aren't cutting Phoenix any breaks.

I don't know if I've really made my feelings clear on this issue but let me go ahead and say it. I don't think that Dirk has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he deserves the MVP. I think Dirk is an amazing player and some of the things that he can do as a 7 footer are astonishing. I adore the fact that (though it is probably not helping him in the MVP race) he doesn't showboat. I savor those fadeaway jumpers that he sinks with such ease most games. But the Phoenix game on March 14th did show me that Steve Nash is truly an amazing player who is capable of single-handedly turning a game upside down. Clearly I love the Mavs as I can't imagine someone creating a blog to discuss a team they are not passionate about. And I can't stress how highly I regard Dirk Nowitzki. But frankly, I think he's made it clear that the MVP race is not a high priority for him which only makes me respect him more. I like my team because they are a team and the greatest reward in a team sport is a championship. So I kind of wish people would knock off all the MVP talk. Give it to Nash. He deserves it and he's not an asshole (there's a couple of stories there for another day) so I say give it to him.

Though I may check on the availability of the URL for sometime in the next 27 days.

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