Monday, October 1, 2007

Doing my a fan

I am glad that I opted to watch the game in the privacy of my apartment yesterday. Because when the snap went over Tony Romo's head, I yelled a bad word. Then when he attempted to recover the ball but fumbled it, I yelled a different bad word (because I am big believer in constantly expanding ones' vocabulary, particularly when it comes to curse words). When he managed to recover the ball on the second grab, I said a third bad word but this one was said with an optimistic inflection. Then when he ran with that ball to gain a first down, I resorted to jumping up and down while making completely incoherant screaming sounds. Three or so plays later when Romo hustled to avoid getting sacked then found an open hole and ran in the ball for an easy touchdown, I actually did a small portion of a cheer I suddenly remembered from my days as a cheerleader. This is the kind of stupid behavior that I don't want to display in public.

So I know it's totally boring to rehash all the "Tony Romo is the Second Coming of Christ" stuff. It's equally boring to point out that Tony Romo's price is ascending at a rate that is almost certainly inversely proportionate to the number of Mom of the Year mugs Britney Spears has gotten lately. And everyone seems confident that Jerry Jones will make a 30+ million dollar offer soon. But I am getting nervous. That's why I am using my seldom-read blog to offer Tony Romo $100 if he promises me personally that he will return to play for the Cowboys after this season. I got paid today so I'm feeling philanthropic. I am even willing to make the check out to CASH if he so desires.

And just because all of this Cowboys-Not-Sucking Fever has really improved my Monday morning mood, I will throw in an extra bonus offer. I'm willing to offer Jason Garrett $25 if he will also stay on with the Tony Romo-led Cowboys beyond this season. That's 50 tacos from Jack in the Box! Or 5 DVD rentals from Blockbuster! I hear Knocked Up is great! Just think about it.

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