Thursday, November 15, 2007


The nadir of my blogging "career" is probably gonna occur today because all I am going to do is post links to stuff that other people have written that is far more interesting than anything I have to say.

In local news, Jonanna Widner has been fired from her job as Music Editor of the Dallas Observer. She Dick mourns the loss.

Also a gas tanker truck has exploded on 35 somewhere north of Lewisville effectively cutting off the main trade and traffic route between Denton and Dallas.

Hey want to read the most fucked up story you will read all year?

(By the way, the parents who created the Myspace profile and basically drove a teenage girl to kill herself have been outed. Feel free to discuss the merits of

Alright if you can get over your disgust with the entire human race after reading that, I'll lighten the mood with

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians

With comedy writers on strike and everything, has anyone thought of calling up Phil Jackson?

If there is justice in the universe, I will grow up to be exactly like this magnificent creature

Remember when Dave Mustaine cried in Some Kind of Monster? Well, now he wants you to buy his coffee. Don't make Dave Mustaine cry. Again.

This article is titled "How Do You Have Sex with a Bicycle?" to which I respond, "Get it drunk or ride it through a GHB puddle....maybe?"

I know this is old but it's so funny that it makes me clap and do the same faces Ozzy does in the video

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DTC said...

"She Dick mourns the loss."

funniest thing ive read today.