Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ok, I guess that will do just fine

I have a confession. I expressed my doubts on the Mavs chances of breaking their post-season curse yesterday. I thought that the burn was too bad from the Golden State fiasco. Now obviously one win is not enough to make me completely rethink my position but last night was totally impressive. Holding LeBron James to 10 points (none of which he scored until the third quarter) is admirable. Jason Terry was admirable. Devin Harris was admirable.

I'm still reserved about this season but the fact that I even watched the game last night after swearing off Mavericks games for three seasons or more after last year's seizure means I must somewhere deep down believe that this team still has a chance. And more importantly, has figured out how to not blow chances. We shall see.

God, I hope the Colts win on Sunday.


B.Edward Smith - said...
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B.Edward Smith - said...

This years Mavs have started the season with revived sense of camaraderie and basketball enthusiasm, which is more than can be said for last season's start and ending for that matter.

I predict a great season and also, a deeper playoffs (watch out for Denver though; they're the sleeper in the west).

So, are you saying you're not happy with their off season acquisitions? You gotta like having Eddie Jones, Trenton Hassle and Brandon Bass (and now Juan Howard, again) over Austin Crochere, Greg Buckner and Mgenga.

They're a better team now and they seem to be having fun and I'm glad.

That's all :)