Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"I tell you this, Tony. Sometimes they can smell fresh cash."

Listening to the Tony Romo To Be Dipped in Gold!!!!!!!!!!! press conference. Just heard him say he is going to buy a house but needs someone to decorate it (dude, don't lay it on quite so thick). Someone yelled "BRITNEY!" followed by a "not funny, dude!" which was correct. I don't think Britney would be a good choice when it comes to hiring a professional decorator (or home-based child care provider). Surely this will lead to some "I CAN DECORATE YOUR HOUSE, TONY!" signs.

So Tony Romo just signed a $67.5 mil contract. He's now making more than Tom Brady makes which should make the NFL quarterback Christmas party a little more awkward. I look forward to both the future paternity claims and future karaoke encounters. While I love giving him hell, I have to admit that Tony Romo is probably a pretty solid dude.

Please just stay the fuck out of LA, Tony. They don't even have a football team. Losers.

PS - Mavs just picked up Juwan Howard. How many Howards do we need?

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