Friday, December 7, 2007

Re: My earlier statement regarding the Dallas Mavericks and regular season games

Very early into this season, I said that I wasn't that concerned about the Mavs winning a massive amount of regular season games because it is the post-season that I really care about. I guess I forgot to mention that I was assuming that the Mavs could handle winning at least 50% percent of their games. I never really conceived that the Mavs would be 12-8 at this point in the season. I never wrapped my head around the Mavs being third in their division behind San Antonio/New Orleans/Oklahoma City/Witchita Falls Hornets.

If you would have asked me on Wednesday night what component of the Mavs frustrated me most, I would have probably said "Dirk No-hit-ski" without hesitation. However, I have never thought it was fair to place all the blame on one player. And if Dirk can score 32 as he did last night and the Mavs still allow the Nuggets to sodomize them so violently on the court, this is not a Dirk issue. Where's any semblance of defense? What is going on? Is this really how you're gonna let this season turn out?

Here's my idea: Encourage Mark Cuban to buy the Chicago Cubs and subsequently sell the Mavs to Jerry Jones. Then teach Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, Julius Jones, Marion Barber and Patrick Crayton to play basketball. Then rename the team the Dallas Basketball Cowboys. Everyone wins!

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wdw said...

That would never work, everyone would be injured five games into the season from slipping on all of Romo's hair gel.