Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Charlotte Bobcats......Come on.....You Can Do This...Baby Steps....

Alright, I know Adam Morrison is out all season with a knee injury that makes me vomit to even think about. But I will use any excuse to post pictures of everyone's favorite Rage Against the Machine fan.

As you may have heard, the Dallas Mavericks got spanked by the Gilbert Arenas-less Washington Wizards. And you can't blame Dirk Nowitzki or Josh Howard, both of whom actually pulled their weight.

So let's go back to things like eeking out wins against the Charlotte Bobcats. Is that easy enough for you? Would you like for them to move the basket down a little? Maybe ask really nicely if the Bobcats would mind playing with three or four players on the court for like, maybe one quarter?

In other news, this is actually the definition of schadenfreude.

If you work somewhere in Victory Park and hear a loud cackling sound, that's me.

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