Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Liveblogging the Jason Kidd Press Conference

3:32pm - Jason Kidd commenting on his new number choice (as Josh Howard has #5 already): "Well, #2 is good since it's my second time here. I looked at it for a long time and if you turn over the number 2, the curves kind of look like the number 5. Just the curves." Ummmmmm yeah ok, whatever dude!

3:36pm - Donnie Nelson doesn't want to answer the question of if it was possible to negotiate the trade without losing Diop. "When you are doing a deal for one of the greatest players in the history of the game...." Did you hear that kids? Wilt Chamberlin is BACK from grave! Lock up your daughters!

3:38pm - Avery Johnson: "JJ Barea is not starting anymore!" My friend Chad will be crushed. He's not gonna take this very well.

3:39pm - "Jason, over here, question! Besides Barea, do you feel like there's as much or more talent on this Mavericks team than the New Jersey team in the playoffs?" Did you hear that, JJ Barea? Remember that brief time you were the starting point guard? Now you are a punchline. Hope you enjoyed it, kiddo!

3:41pm - Mike Doocy asks Mark Cuban about how stressed he has been over the past week or two regarding the trade. Mark Cuban takes that as an opportunity to make some bad jokes. And then laugh at his own bad jokes. Hey, somebody's gotta!

3:43pm - Final question. Some banal thing about "Are you excited to be back and are you excited for the challenge?" Here's where Jason Kidd could have won me over. This is where you say something like "Nope, not really that excited about the challenge." Because what's funny is that he gave the standard "I love to rise to a challenge....it's what this sport is about..." answer with the same amount of enthusiasm that I displayed when I had to verify my business mailing address for the Yellow Pages about an hour ago.

And that was that. Welcome back, Jason Kidd. Catch the Mavs fe...................oh, wow sorry about that huge yawn.........fever. Catch the Mavs fever!

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