Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If ANYONE Even Mentions That Horrible "You Had a Bad Day" Song....

It's a bad day. Scratch that. Yesterday was a bad day and today has decided to follow the path of least resistance and be shitty as well. Which usually starts to indicate the start of what is called a "very bad week", the type that tends to end in a terminal disease misdiagnoses or something equally wacky and disheartening.

I blame all of this on Mark Cuban. Devin Harris left at 7am for New Jersey today. New Jersey is actually not that bad of a place. And he will get to hang out with Jay-Z instead of Mark Cuban. I honestly want to see Devin Harris flourish and I hope he does really well wherever he is playing. Really, which one of these owners would you rather report to?:


I only hope they do something like announce that the baseball season will now run 12 months a year, continuously and that baseball will pre-empt any other sporting event on television. That would be neat! I would go get a cheeseburger and some onion rings but beef is apparently now tainted. So I will sit here and eat dry Cheerios and try to derive some inspiration from the view from my downtown office window. Oh yeah, forgot that my office window faces this:

Yeah, I may just swivel my chair around and eat my dry Cheerios while staring at the County Jail. It's turning out to be that kind of day and perhaps week.