Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Starting from the Start Because It's as Good a Place as Any

Maybe the Mavs heard me. I said in a blog entry here that I wanted to start this Mavs season off with fresh eyes. Those fresh eyes are the eyes of a fan who has been let down by her team so many times that she has absolutely no reason to believe that the team will even make the playoffs. You can call it cynical or pessimistic but it's not. I have no way to anticipate how Rick Carlisle will coach this team. I have no way of knowing if Dirk Nowitzki's tiny, precious, crepe paper ankles will snap in half should someone accidentally point a box fan in his general direction. I am praying that Dallas Mavericks fans will not turn Josh Howard's ill-advised flag comments into some sort of Dixie Chicks/Toby Keith "love it or leave it" all season. Because we all know that Josh Howard doesn't need ANY distractions during the second half of the game.

It seems like maybe the Mavs organization itself is taking a page out of my Wait and See book. If this headline doesn't give you a Starting From Square One vibe, I don't know what will:

(from the Dallas Morning News today, admittedly following Press Day)

Dallas Mavericks' Josh Howard takes first step

Now please for the love of Basketball Jesus, just don't let him step anywhere near Dirk. Seriously, the ankle!


Anonymous said...

I'm so gassy!

Anonymous said...

He needs 2 apologize 2 OUR LORD, that's who he need 2 apologize 2! Oh yes!

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Anonymous said...

Geraldo do you by any chance know Rico Suave? Tall good-looking guy, often wears a bandanna and a leather jacket with no shirt underneath?

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"Put your plate back - It's a Snoodle-Sac!!"