Friday, April 24, 2009

Game 3: Wood Block Guy Was There

I have insider information (reports from someone who was a the game) that Wood Block Guy (or someone who also had a wood block and was supporting the Spurs) was in attendance at the AAC last night. The good news for him is that, if he has asked nice enough, Popovich might have put him in the game by the third quarter. You know, because San Antonio has so much heart and fighting spirit that they benched their entire starting lineup in the third quarter. Also, it has got to sting that JJ Fucking Barea (that’s his middle name, look it up) outscored Tony Parker last night. Sacre bleu!

Which leads me to where exactly this burst of determination on the Mavs part came from and what bled the will to live out of the Spurs. And I think I know what it was. It wasn’t Damp’s comments. It wasn’t losing by 21 in San Antonio for the Mavs. Here’s what I firmly believe caused the game to go down as it did. Some guy had the raddest sign ever (eva?) and all credit should go to him. It talked trash, it didn’t use vulgar potty language and it was just plain funny. No elaborate pictures. No puns. Just this:

“Tell Eva to stop calling me”

To the guy who made that sign: I love you. You’re my new boyfriend.


Bethany Anderson said...

I saw the sign (was at the AAC), but not the woodblock guy. Good news? If you're there, you can't hear him.

Bad news, getting tickets to there is difficult.

Hector Ruiz said...

Racist! Eva Longoria is one of our Finest Latina Citizens!!