Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There isn't much that I can say about Obama's speech tonight that hasn't been said already or wasn't said better by my mom's text after the speech tonight. It just said, "I love our President!" No, not some Commie Pinko Blind Allegiance to the Great Leader thing. It's just so nice to have a president who sticks up for the things you believe in. No need for further praise.

Because everyone, Democrat and Republican, seemed to actually listen and respect both the President's authority to speak to the country and their right to disagree with some or all of what he said. Well, everyone except South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson. Check out him screaming, "YOU LIE!" Classy, dude. Classy.

My three favorite things about the immediate reaction to Wilson's outburst: 1. Obama calmly but firmly telling him that he is incorrect 2. Nancy Pelosi's look which is the same look that kids at the front of the bus make when the dumbass kid on the back of the bus who keeps playing with the emergency door accidentally opens it and falls out of the bus at low speeds and 3. Joe Biden's Disappointed Dad look. The head shake, the hang of the head. You might as well go to bed without dinner, Joe Wilson. If you remember childhood at all, just remember this: Dad's not mad, he's just....disappointed in you.

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Grandpa Walton said...

Indeed, President Obama delivered as stirring an iteration of HR 3200 as has been heard to date, as well as a splendid if low-key welcome to the Democratic Party's newest to-be-government subsidized power constituency, all the fine members of AHIP, where the future of American employment is sure to find its fullest flower. One can only score this as a win-win for one and all, more or less.

Goodnight, Amanda