Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I really have to preface anything I am about to type with the following disclaimer: I have a crush on Pau Gasol. In fact, my Pau Gasol crush has lead to my Geico cavemen crush. One of my favorite episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is Eegah. It all makes sense now, right? While I am prefer my Pau looking as hairy and disoriented as possible, I'm even starting to admire the slightly cleaner appearance too. And I think he will do much better in Chicago. Sigh.

Mike Miller on the other hand is not okay with me. You are not Fabricio Oberto so lose the fucking headband dude. Miller's threes were the only thing that kept Memphis in the game. I don't really understand why the Mavs never could figure out a way to stop him or at least annoy him. Even Buckner being pushy really didn't seem to slow him down. As much as I hate to regurgitate whatever Bob Ortegel and Mark Followil say during the game I will out of sheer laziness. All the Mavs really had to do was win this game. No matter how ugly the win is/was. And what a horrific car crash of a win this game was. If the game had gone on any longer the Grizzlies would have started shooting threes from mid-court. And making them.

Saturday night will be a good one. Playing Kevin Garnett and the team responsible for stopping the Suns from winning 1.3 trillion games in a row should make for a good show.

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