Sunday, February 4, 2007

Ok, that was close. Again. God, I like exciting games so I guess I'm gonna have to come up with a more creative sentence.

First off, way to go Diop. I guess being threatened with an extended vacation in Fort Worth has done him some good. Maybe JJ Barea brought back stories of sleep deprivation and water boarding? Whatever happened, a big "Welcome Back!" to both Diop's game and JJ "The Pride of Puerto Rico" Barea. I don't know if that's actually his nickname but I hope that if it isn't, somehow it will catch on.

So ummm, yeah Kevin Garnett is good. Ricky Davis was kind of starting to scare me in the first half with his 17 effortless points. But then he forgot how to play or got a popcorn kernel stuck in his throat or something really distracting. The end of the fourth must have dislodged whatever was stuck in his throat because he briefly came back to life. It was almost enough and had Josh Howard not randomly lobbed the ball down the court (apparently Josh's internal game clock was about 7 seconds ahead of the actual game clock) Minnesota would not have been able to get off one final deperation shot from WAY behind the arc that actually went in. Maybe he was just excited about his baby. Or mad. You may have heard he got snubbed in some contest.

Which brings me to the topic I really am too amused by to actually want to tackle right now. The All-Star thingy. Whatevs. I am not as twisted about it as other people seem to be. But that's probably because of a much wider view that I have of the whole All-Star/MVP scenario to begin with. I have volumes to say about the whole thing but that's for another gameless day.

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