Tuesday, January 30, 2007

While I have way too short an attention span to actually live blog about a Mavericks game, I will come close because this has actually been a fairly eventful game and we're only midway through the second.

1. Josh Howard is having a baby. Not in a Junior man-with-child sort of way. He's not in the starting lineup because he's busy becoming a father.

2. Devean George started in his place and yet they did NOT show the home team introduction therefore I did not get to see Devean George's intoductory bulldog dance. Which is kind of bullshit.

3. It's Diop's birthday. Happy 25 years of being alive! Now stop getting stupid fouls. You're doing well tonight and (according to what I just heard) managed to rebuff a cheesy Bob Ortegel joke made at your expense. Good for you.

4. Austin Croshere. What the fuck? I don't like to eat my words and while I'm not exactly eating them, I'm sort of starting to look at them like they're the bowl of chips and I may not be able to wait on my entree. There's 6:21 left in the second and Croshere has made two 3 pointers and gotten two key rebounds. And is kind of being a dick when it comes to guarding which is my favorite kind of player. The basketball equivalent of the guy who monopolizes dinner conversation, talks over people, tells bad jokes then bolts before the check comes and doesn't leave enough money for his dinner. I may be hungry as my analogies reveal. HOLY SHIT Croshere just made another fucking 3 point shot. My feet are getting cold which is a clear sign that hell is freezing over.

I need to eat and figure out what bench player I will rag on now that Croshere has proved me wrong.

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