Friday, February 23, 2007

First, I can't handle Buckner wearing that mask. I kept imagining him in the pick- up line at his kid's school wearing it. I kept thinking of him going to CiCi's with his family wearing it.

Antoine Walker got ejected! And I have to admit that I didn't really think it looked like an ejectable offense. He kinda touched Dirk's face but I thought it was a little extreme to eject him over it. I thought Shaq's flagrant against Devin Harris was more malicious if less face-oriented.

That being said, I think the Heat may watch their postseason go bye bye in the next few weeks. The Mavs should have won by 30 or more. Barea, Agar and Croshere really know how to squander a lead and I thought they should have been pulled WAY sooner than they were. But back to the Heat, with Shaq only able to play 30 minutes, getting stupid fouls and having a free throw shot that is somewhat akin to an epileptic fit I don't think they will survive without Wade. And of course, Dwyane Wade himself has told us what a fabulous leader he is.

I also thought the Mavs could have done a little better with the MVP shirts. I would have liked to have seen something like this incorporated in the design. But Mark Cuban never asks for my advice. Maybe it's because he knows I hate his facial hair decisions.

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