Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The Mavericks must read my blog because if I ever needed reassurance, last night's game was the game in which to deliver it. And they completely delivered it and secured home court advantage in the process.

Diop gets the gold star from me for his ferocious defense last night. And Devean George is coming back strong. I hold to my previous assertation that Devean George will be a key piece of the puzzle especially with Dampier's nagging shoulder injury.

On a completely different subject, I have disliked Chris Kaman for a while now but last night sealed the deal. I only regret that the widely ciculated story about him raising chickens for Christ is not true. I know I should go easy on him as it can't be easy going through life looking like the byproduct of a gang bang between Edgar Winter, Danny Elfman and Jim Gaffigan. But when asked about having his testicles grabbed and pulled by Reggie Evans in a game against the Nuggets, he said the following:

CK: Ah, how did I know you were going to bring that up? Yeah, I did. My first thought was, What the heck happened? The second was, Man, if I punch this dude, I'm going to get a fine and miss games. I wish I had now.

Because if I were a guy and some other guy grabbed and pulled my nether regions, I would first thing to myself "What the heck happened?" Holy mackrel! Gee golly!

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